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What form of additives do you normally use? (multiple answers possible)

How do you currently incorporate your additives?
We use MasterbatchWe prepare and dose a preblend of additivesWe tumble blend additives with resinWe work with compoundsWe make our own compound / MasterbatchWe dose the additives separately (individual feeders)

What is the minimum additive level you can dose with an acceptable level of accuracy?
<1%1 to 3%3 to 5%>5%

Which of the following incorporation areas would you benefit from improving? (multiple answers possible)
Bad dispersionDusty work environmentBad product consistency / qualityInteraction between additivesDifficult dosing (over-dosing, low melting additive, bridge building...)Hygiene and safety environment (potential explosion risk)Screw slippageTime / cost consuming preparation

Optional: Can you briefly describe your processing issue?

Poor through-putHigh Recycle / Scrap rateWorkspace / Employee contaminationCustomer complaints / ClaimsHigh production cost

YesNoWe never made the calculation, but it can be done

<1t1 to 10t10 to 50t>50t
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