Dispersion problems


Dispersion of the additives in your polymer matrix is always a critical step of your production process. The lack of homogeneity causes off-specification, unacceptable defects in the final products.

The dispersion problem can be caused by a lack of compatibility of the additive with your polymer matrix, by the degradation of the additive during the processing…
The role of PolyAd Services is clearly to investigate your production process and find the best solution to meet your requirements.

  • Do you want to dramatically reduce the percentage of off-specification products?
  • Do you need to improve cycle-time?
  • Do you want to eliminate the pre-mixing step?

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Case Study E: Optimize dispersion of Cu/KI stabilization system in Polyamide compounds

Case Study F: Optimize dispersion of nucleating agent in injection moulded Polypropylene