Case Study E


•Polyamide compounders producing:
•unacceptable levels of rejects due to out-of-spec Copper levels
•rejected materials due to un-dispersed stabilizer particles
•materials with inconsistent color

PolyAd Services Investigation
•Potassium iodide available in briquette form requiring milling step
•Milled Potassium iodide is agglomerating on standing
•Feeding challenges with polyamide stabilizer components
•Overfeeding stabilizer components due to in-process losses
•Segregation of blended resin/stabilizer components during conveying and feeding

Solution Provided
•Tailored stabilization systems in different feedable forms
•Stabilization systems containing any of a number of lubricants (metallic stearates, organic stearates, hydrocarbon waxes, Potassium and Copper iodide etc)

Value for Customer
•Excellent control of stabilizer component ratio (KI/CuI/Stearate)
•Excellent control of Cu level in resin
•Excellent dispersion of all stabilizer components in resin
•Significant improvement in process control
•Improved profitability through significant reduction in off-spec products