Case Study F


•Injection moulder of Polypropylene resin experiencing long mould cycle time
•Injected parts were often sticking to the mould
•High part reject rate

PolyAd Service Investigation
•Large, un-dispersed Sodium Benzoate (NaBz) particles in some parts
•Low level of NaBz in other parts

Solution Provided
•Offered micronized NaBz (100% <20µ, median particle size <2µ)
•Switched customer to a NaBz pre-blend containing Provided a fully formulated nucleating blend thereby eliminating NaBz feeding and dispersion issues

Value for Customer
•Improved cycle time by 32% due to higher crystallization time and shorter mould cycle time
•Eliminated mould sticking
•Improved quality assurance of final part
•Reduced reject rate by a factor of 10