Case Study J


•Cable compounder
•Several additives were hand-weighed generating dust and additional labour costs
•Inconsistent additive dosing impacting Long Term Thermal Stability and rheology control

PolyAd Services investigation
• An extra person was needed to weigh the antioxidants, wax and stearate
• All other ingredients auto-weighed
• Need for an easy dosable additive blend

Solution provided
• Easy dosable dust free form of additive blend improving heat aging properties, rheology control and allowing automatic feeding of additives
• Included wax and stearate in the blend, eliminating all hand-weighed steps and allowing one man to be dedicated to other tasks

Value for the customer
• Clean work environment
• No hand-weighed steps
• Reduced production cost
• Better use of labour force
• Improved quality of compound through precise control of additive dosing