Case Study K


•Compounding unit focused on engineering resins
•Several extrusion lines with feeding positions for resin, fillers, flame retardants, additive blend, colour masterbatch
•Additive blend produced in dedicated workshop on high sheer mixers
•Difficulty with heat sensitive additives, particularly with Teflon used as flame retardant synergists

PolyAd Service Investigation
•Too high energy and heat intensive mixing used for the preparation of the powder blend
•Difficulty appearing over time with low melters
•Damage to synergist required overdosing and lead to quality problems towards the end of production campaign as compound did not fulfil flame-retardant classification

Solution Provided
•Granulated blend containing Teflon was prepared under extremely controlled low sheer conditions
•Synergist was protected from energy damage caused by heat and sheer at compounder

Value for Customer
•Dosing set point could be reduced
•Stable production
•No off spec when longer production runs
•No internally mixing operation (=cost reduction)