Additive Solutions


PolyAd Services offers an attractive way to simplify and improve operations.

We work closely with you to combine all components of your formulation into a single easy-to-handle 100% active blend that reduces feeding problems while at the same time improves finished product quality.

Typical formulation components

  • Antioxidants
  • Anti-blocks
  • Antistatic Agents
  • Light Stabilizers
  • Slip Agents
  • Process Aids
  • Clarifiers
  • Process Stabilizers
  • Acid Neutralizers
  • Nucleating Agents
  • Flame Retardants

PolyAd Services has extensive experience with complex and difficult to handle materials used in polymer processing. Not only in form-giving but also in potential interaction and interference among these additives.

Whatever the issue may be…
… we are committed to solving it and achieving it, e.g. improved handling, improved consistency of additive feeding (less bridging), reduced screw slippage, improved additive dispersion, improved quality and consistency – you name it!

PolyAd Services Technical Sales Staff and R&D Department offer customized trouble-shooting and problem solving. We are your partners for incorporating plastic additives