PolyAd Fahrenheit

Polyad ® Fahrenheit™ Series enables superior high temperature thermal stability for the most demanding applications. Tensile retention up to 2000 hours at 150°C (PA 6) and up to 5000 hours at 180°C (GF PPA).

Fahrenheit™ Therma

  • High performance thermal stability
  • Ideal for automotive under-the-hood applications and black and glass filled systems
  • Enables tensile retention of 2000 hours at 150°C (PA 6) and 5000 hours at 180°C (GF PPA)

Fahrenheit™ Therma Plus

  • High performance thermal stability with excellent dispersion, processing, and surface character
  • Ideal for automotive interior, wire and cable, fiber, and film applications.

Fahrenheit™ Fura

  • Excels in performance for filled polyamide applications
  • Offers equivalent thermal stability to PolyAd® Fahrenheit Therma solutions
  • Boasts increased melt solubility and enables high loadings of stabilizer

Fahrenheit™ Fura Plus

  • PolyAd’s premier heat stabilizer solution
  • Can be used in all polyamide applications •Offers the highest thermal stability, best processability, maximum melt solubility, and superior dispersion with outstanding surface quality
  • Has the highest level of synergy with other plastic additives, including light absorbers, HALS, other stabilizers and more

Fahrenheit™ Radia

  • Exceptional resistance to automotive fluids
  • Resistant to fluids such as ethylene glycol and water solutions at temperatures up to 135°C
  • Based on novel technology enabled by a state-of-the-art thermal stabilization system with unique additives to prevent degradation from aqueous-based automotive fluids
  • Available in either a granular form or as a free-flowing pellet
  • Suggested dosage rate for PolyAd® Fahrenheit Radia is 0.51.5% for injection molded applications

Fahrenheit™ Chroma

  • Improved color, lower copper, and reduced conductivity
  • Maintains high temperature thermal stability while improving color, lowering copper and reducing conductivity
  • Ideal for fibers, automotive, electrical connectors, and colored applications
  • Benefits include easier dispersion and improved processing
  • Enabled by a novel technology combining a copper halide stabilization system with a synergist, this series offers thermal stability of 1000 hours at 150°C while improving color and minimizing conductivity

Fahrenheit™ Fibra

  • Improved color and excellent melt solubility
  • Very high performance thermal stabilizer for demanding fiber applications
  • Ideal for industrial fibers, automotive tire cord, and outdoor fiber applications

Fahrenheit™ Electra

  • Very low conductivity and good long-term thermal stability
  • Stability of 6000 hours at 120°C for PA 6
  • Ideal for thermal stability of electrical and electronic applications
  • Copper and halogen-free